Over the years we’ve helped make thousands of brides truly happy brides!  Below, you’ll learn how we do it from words of the happy brides themselves.

Dear Dulce,

What started as a joyful search for the “dream gown “ has turned into an stressful  experience.
I thought I had found my wedding gown after visiting two stores and having tried about 8 dresses
my family and friends insisted  I needed to explore all the options, now I find myself confused with
so many options and so many opinions. A friend told me to ask advise  from an experience bridal
consultant , I am not in Miami  but I like your web page and since I will not be visiting your store I know
you will be a good impartial advisor.


Dear Sandy,

You are one many brides who have difficulty making personal and heartfelt decision because
of the unintentional pressure placed upon brides by family members and friends .
My advice to you is: FOLLOW YOU HEART, if you felt a special feeling with your 8th gown then THAT WAS YOUR GOWN.

One common mistake many brides make is allowing too many opinions in the decision making process, while all are well intentioned I’ve seen many brides break down from the pressure of trying to satisfy everyone. Oftentimes mothers, sisters, cousins, grandmothers and friends have different taste in styles than the bride. Always remember it will be YOU walking down the aisle wearing the gown. Ultimately you are the only person that matters on YOUR day

Your mother of course is the most important opinion you want at that magic moment of saying “Yes to The Dress”, most moms are able to fully support your decision. My experience has been mothers simply want to see their daughters happy with a twinkle in their eye when they’ve found their gown.

Another opinion that I find very heartwarming despite oftentimes not being in agreement with the bride’s selection due to generational taste differences is that of grandmothers. Furthermore, sisters and a best friend should be considered for inclusion in the decision.

A good practice is to start trying on gowns alone, find the styles or the gown you like best and then bring your loved ones to show WHAT YOU LIKE. You will be already defining your preference and also letting them know of that preference. You can always include them in the decision making process but you will have eliminated a lot of confusion by already having defined your style. Remember, you must be gentle but firm; this is your day.

Finally, there are thousands of beautiful gowns, but you are more likely to find that VERY SPECIAL GOWN quicker with the assistance of a professional bridal consultant. Consultants are familiar with the different styles and lines. Once you have an understanding of what you’re looking for they can direct you in the best direction. Very important, make sure you provide the consultant your budget; it always saddens me when a bride falls in love with a gown that is unfortunately beyond her means.

Best of luck in the pursue of your Dream Gown



“Dear Dulce and Coral Gables Bridals,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did! Everyone there is so nice! Dulce and Irma made my dream dress a reality!!! I never imagined I would have such a beautiful dress for my wedding. You guys were patient, helpful and sooo wonderful to work with!!! My husband cried when he saw me and could not believe how beautiful the dress is!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Dear Dulce & All the Staff at Coral Gables,

I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you to you all.    You made my experience of picking my wedding dress so wonderful and amazing.    I adore my dress and you are all just fantastic at your jobs.   You looked after me so so well and made me feel so special and like a princess.  It meant so much to me and I was very touched by you all and how you treated me.

Thank you so, so much for eveything.

You all should be so very proud of what you do because you are all just wonderful.”


“Vivian and Mabel,

I want to thank you both so much for all the time you dedicated to me in selecting and trying on the most beautiful wedding dress ever. Every time I came in to the store you made me feel like I was at home. Thank you!”



Queremos agradecerte tu bondad y generosidad, las cuales nos ayudaron a que nuestro matrimonio fuera el día más feliz de nuestras vidas. Con cariño,”

—César y Andrea

“Dear Dulcita and Vivian,

Thank you so much for all your amazing help and attention with my dress and veil. I absolutely love it…still, and I’m sure to love it forever. It’s my dream dress and truly one of a kind. EVERYONE is still asking me about it, so I tell them to go see you two. God bless and very best always.”

—Bianca Ferrer

“Mis queridos Dulcita y Rafa,

Toda la vida estaré agradecida por mi vestido de novia; primero a nuestra Madre, María, a quién le pedí que me acompañara con Matilda a encontrar un bonito vestido y que lo hallara en la tienda de mi amiga Dulcita y esa amiga me abrió su tienda y su corazón y de allí salió una “Senior Novia Feliz”! Gracias, Gracias!  Besos.”



Thank you for helping me to look and feel beautiful on my wedding day. My dress was fabulous and I felt fabulous!  I had so many compliments on my belt and veil which you helped us find. Thanks for all of your help and kindness. My Mom and I will never forget it! Sincerely,”

—Carrie Laird

“Dear Coral Gables Bridals,

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have felt like the most beautiful bride on the day of my wedding. I would like to thank you for all your help in making me feel this way. From the dress to the veil, to even the lovely headpiece, everything looked gorgeous and it was all because of you. With warmest regards,”

—Brigitte Aleman

“Dear Vivian,

I wanted to send you a short note to thank you for all your help while selecting and altering my wedding dress. It was truly beautiful. You really made the process easier. Thank you so much! With Love,”

—Jennifer Rodríguez

Thank you so much for everything! My dress was beautiful and will be something that I will always treasure! Thank you again for helping to make that such a special day for me (and us). Sincerely,”

—Annie Shook

“Queridas Dulce y Mabel,

Les quiero dar las gracias por toda su ayuda y compasión. Gracias a ustedes voy a lucir como siempre soñara, “Como una Reina”. Nunca las voy a olvidar y lo que hicieron por mí. Gracias.”

—Vanessa Expósito

Coral Gables Bridals,

Thank you very much for your kindness and generous assistance you provided to me and my family. You guys are really sincere and kind. Thank you. My wedding day was the Best! Thank you. Best regards,”

—Deanna (Musto) Battello.

“To all the girls,

Thank you very much for making me the most beautiful bride ever. Your attention and kindness toward me and my family was exceptional. ¡Gracias mil por todo!”


Dear Giselle and Mabel

Thank you for all of your help (and patience!) during my wedding preparation. It was such a pleasure to work with you both and I appreciate all of your advice. The dress was perfect! We had a great wedding and fabulous honeymoon! I hope to visit you soon.”

—Helena Zacharis

“Coral Gables Bridals,

Gracias a todas por su esmero y dedicación por hacerme una novia feliz. Me llena de alegría recibir tanto cariño y sentirme tan a gusto con mi hermoso vestido. Con cariños.”

—Natalia Rivera