I purchased a gown and no longer like the style

Dear Dulce:

I purchased a gown and no longer like the style. The store will not return my deposit. What is the policy of your store in this case?

Dear Jeannine:

Sales are final. When you purchased your gown you gave the store a deposit and also signed a binding contract. I believe this policy is the same with all bridal stores.

Most of the time the dress is ordered from the manufacturer that requires the gown to be ordered by size and color, but the sale could also be a sample gown that is usually a discontinued style from a previous season. In any case is a final sale.

My recommendation to the bride is: Do not allow other persons’ taste to influence your final decision. It is your gown, and your personality and taste are reflected in it. Let your heart decide. Do not continue to look or even worse, to try on other gowns after you have already bought yours.

Best regards,


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